30 Minute Birth Chart Consultation

30 Minute Birth Chart Consultation

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Here we take a deep dive into your divine energetic imprint, we look at your souls focus, planetary influences and powerful patterns in your chart. This reading is for deep understanding of yourself and others around you. It opens the door to walk in your energy and begin creating what I call magic in your life.

2021 Consultation Overview

Deep Dive into Life Purpose

Karmic Structure of your life 

You and the Age of Aquarius 

Chiron Evolution 

Alchemic Make Up & Master Plan for Alignment 

Past Life Walk Through 


Once item is purchased I will email you to set up an appointment. At this time I will be requesting your 

Full Birthday
Exact Birth time (most accurate on birth Certificate)
Place of Birth

Any questions you may have about your chart.

This is a 30 minute consultation held over Zoom Video call. All consultations are recorded for your convenience.