Learn Astrology with Brilla Samay

Learn Astrology with Brilla Samay

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Enthutiast turned professional! Learn Astrology through a mentor! 

After reading over 4 thousand charts, studying the art that is astrology for over a decade i am so happy to teach all this knowledge to you!

In my mentorship program i will help you become a professional impactful Astrologer. Learn the many intriquete techniques professionals use. From softwares, online tools and apps to preparing for your very first reading. We will do this TOGETHER.

Six Sessions

What type of Astrologer are you? Learn your impact on the Astrology Community.

Principles and Basics of the 12 signs and houses - Learn the patterns that make this easy to build on!

Reading Aspects - my tried and true technique that will take your reading skills to another level 

Fundamental Techniques and Skills -My Reading Formula most Astrologers DO NOT share!

Practice Reading -Lets put into play everything we have learned so you can condunct your very own reading! 

Professional Gear Set Up | Complete Q&A | Final reading

Teachings will all be personalized to your learning style and specified theme of focus. I am primarily a Spiritual Astrologer and bring a lot of focus to Esoteric Karmic aspects in my teachings.  

Once item is purchased i will email you to set up a complimentary discovery call!

Please note that I reserve the right to end any session at any time where I feel the client is not sober, clear minded or intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol. This is non-refundable.

All Sales Are Final.