StarSeed Consultation

StarSeed Consultation

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In this incredibly rare consultaton, we travel the solar system through the eyes of your soul. Star Gates and Star Systsems are portals throught out the Universe. Our Astrological chart shows the maginificent clusters our soul has danced through.

This reading brings psychic insight into your Star Seed family and Soul Tribe, Incarnation history and earned badges of Acension. 

Done through a combination of Deeply Intensive Astrological Reaseach and Psychic Channeling to bring your stories of incarnation together. 

This information acts as a form of DNA Activation and Third Eye Opener.

Have you ever wondered who your Star Family is? or the Celestial Portals you are connected too? If so, this was made for you. 

Sit back and enjoy as we travel the Universe through your light. It is my honor to be your guide.

Once item is purchased I will email you to set up an appointment. At this time I will be requesting your 

Full Birthday
Exact Birth time (most accurate on birth Certificate)
Place of Birth
Anotate any Star Systems that have always caught your attention and curiosity.