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Birth Chart Consultation

Via Phone | 1 HR | $117

Here we take a deep dive into your divine energetic imprint, we look at your soul focus, planetary influences and powerful patterns in your chart. 

Mother and Baby

Synastry Consultation

Via Phone | 1 HR | $222

Any two people in divine partnerships  can get this reading. I answer the most profound wonders we encounter in relationships. What brought us together? Why are we in unison? Are we a good match? Is this Karma. 

This reading is my Best Seller as I have been graciously given the gift of seeing far beyond the chart and into the past life timeline of two souls.


1 Question -

Astro Report

Written Report | $30

Ask any astrological question you may have. Love, Money, Soul, Career, Clothing Style, Shadow Side. You name it, it's all in your chart! This report is also popular to get a full understanding on 1 planet and influences in depth. How exactly does my Jupiter work? I can give you the Pros & Cons to any placement! 


Sun Activation -

Astro Report

Written Report | $30

Receive an exclusive personalized report for your monthly horoscope. I detail your months focus and what activities your soul is activated by the Universal energy. This right here is where true Magic begins....

Watch everything you dreamed of come to you.

Solar System

Lunar Activation -

Astro Report

Written Report | $30

Enjoy a personalized report from me on your monthly Lunar Returns. This insight gives you the best guidance on what to transcend and cultivate through your monthly Sun Activation journey. This powerful report comes with lunar based activities, New and Full moon intention setting and Earth medicine (herbs, crystals, intentions) tailored to your uniquely divine journey. Bring into balance your inner lights to work in harmony with your purpose!  

Feel harmony, peace and enlightenment unfolding La Luna's medicine. 

Almond Tree Flowers



Via Phone | 30 mins | $44

In these sessions we put the natal chart aside (yes their is a time for this) and access your current alignment. This gives us insight as to the world you are creating in time. We open space to redirect any energy needed and realign our focus. We address shadow work that needs be faced to straighten any loose ends. Often spirit assigns herbal medicine for you to detox. These are created in the moment, always spirit lead. 

Consultations are done using tarot medicine, oracle medicine, crystal medicine or any tools your spirit guides communicate to me.  


Customized Spiritual


One Item | Prices Vary

In this part of our journey I prepare handmade spiritual tools just for you. I cultivate Metaphysical Medicine for any Spiritual moment.  Lunar Cycle, Sun Activations , Cleansing Rituals, Planetary Influences. Sun, Moon, Rising tools (your inner light). Naturally, the possibilities are endless in this realm as where it is your magic gets fortified. 

Please Purchase this item at no cost and I will email you in return to discuss intentions and align your tools price will be given then.

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Written Report | $30

The mind is where every world begins. A healthy mind is a prosperous utopia where we can grow, nurture and create our every dream. Begin every day with I AM AFFIRMATIONS designed by your natal chart. 

These are lovingly written by me using your your Mercury voice, to strengthen your Inner Lights (Sun, Moon, Rising path).

These can also be tailored to any one goal you may have. 


My offerings are truly cultivated by spirit.  They are lead with intention and always infused with the current planetary alignments. This is where my love of Astrology and All Things Metaphysical meet,  and I do it for you.  All my products are made in small batches  under sacred ceremony with the highest quality ingredients.

Shop with me and awaken your Spiritual Journey and bring deep healing to your heart space.


Up to date Astrology | metaphysical  information you need to know through the lens of Brilla. 

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All Things Podcast!

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Brilla Everlasting

Luxury Body Care Line

with Rich herbal combinations that bring life & restoration into your skin

Brilla has been studying Astrology and Metaphysical Science for over 6 years. She started her journey studying the medicinal application of herbs. She then moved on to deeply study Astrology at an ISAR accredited school for 3 years, she has worked closely with leading pioneer Astrologers and has attended several Astrology Conferences around the globe. Brilla currently reads Astrology Charts full time and is a Metaphysical Coach she also cultivates mind, body and soul spiritual tools for the season.

Upcoming Events: 

Brilla will attend the New York Astrology Conference in 2020 alongside Astrology Speaker and Teacher Pam Gallagher.