The Star Tribe is finally here!

This is your opportunity to receive access to Brilla Samay's astrological insights, wisdom, and guidance. 

It's your chance to become a part of an altruistic community. A tribe inspired by the universe, each another, and our common love for astrology. The celestial guidance will serve to transform your daily life. Watch as you seamlessly walk into your life purpose.

Years of studies with the best astrologers in the field


Expertise in holistic herbal art

brings together our Lifepath community.

A private membership with access to Brilla Samay's unique approach towards astrology and all things metaphysical. Merging Mother Earth with the Heavenly Bodies everyday.

* Monthly online astrology meeting - We check in on the monthly weather and discuss best practices

*First to access astrological updates​

*Personalized astrological advice

*Herbal and wellness tips

* All things metaphysical - Discussions regarding astrological correlations between the heavens and Earth 

*Share resources, videos, and exclusive memes made just for you

*Community support as we ride the tides of 2021 and beyond

*Group Activities - Crafting magic tools, herbal medicine, 30-day soul challenges, and more

*Access to an entire community of like-minded empaths... just like you! 

*Astrology teachings on how to read your own chart, including those of your friends and family

*Tarot Nights - A space to discuss your favorite divination decks and methods

*Behind the scenes insider information on future Brilla Samay projects, products, blogs, and metaphysical endeavors

... and STILL so much more!

Perks of Lifepath 

"You are a teacher whether you know it or not! The people you encounter everyday and the souls that come in for karmic lessons are impacted by you. Highlight your strengths and make an impactful difference!"

"Everyday astrology is the difference between 

Divine Awareness and Bad Luck!"

What To Expect Once You Join

*Registration into our private group forum via Discord

(We will have a completely unfiltered platform)

*Instant access to the history of the group and a warm welcome from your tribe!

Our Cosmic Space

With your membership, a unique and innovative astrology server via Discord is accessible to you. This server hosts over 25 chat rooms filled with astrological information. Each room is designated to share tailored insight, tips, tricks, and teachings. 

Discord is fully equipped to host and stream videos, images, music, and YouTube videos. Via Discord, you will have the opportunity to speak with other members, share astrological placements, and expand on your thoughts and experiences using practical astrology! 

Hi, I'm Brilla!

Astrology has me entirely in love being in the human experience. I am driven by a passion of the heavens that began when I was in my early 20's. This fire has propelled me into showing others how easy it is to understand astrology and apply it to our daily lives. ​Now, one of my biggest dreams is coming true. I am going to help you remember who you are. 

I believe we all have a strong inner knowing that wants to be heard. In the world today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to go into silence and listen.​ This is why I created Lifepath Astrology. 

With Lifepath Astrology, we dive into an astrological theme each month. We have live group discussions, including the opportunity to ask me questions directly, as you connect with other members in the Lifepath Astrology community.

A Lifepath Astrology membership will guide you with your own map that leads to a place of fulfillment, kindness, love, and compassion. Lifepath will teach you how to see life through the lens of many others; this awareness strengthens both your understanding and your work.

So, here we go!​ I look forward to spending time with you each and connecting on a much deeper level!


For Deeper Integration

For a deeper understanding and knowledge of the self, it is suggested to have a full consultation with Brilla Samay at some point during your membership. This allows you to understand, in full breadth, your natal chart. In addition, Brilla will personalize all monthly insights, and details of your own personal astrological patterns will be discussed. A monumental light is shown to fully transform your understanding and your work.

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