1-1 Legendary Private Cosmic Mentorship

                      Say yes to the Cosmic Evolution that is your birth chart.

 1-1 mentorship is the ultimate pursuit of fullfilment, take a walk through the never ending spiral that is your birth chart. You are a cosmic event, that weaves together past life experiences, eternal fate and open timelines for your future. My 1-1 mentorship opens up space to expand your consciousness on several cosmic levels. Spiritually illuminate your vision while also unlocking hidden gems within yourself personally and professionally. The result is a more aligned life tailored by a private Astrologer.

Having a private astrologer is the difference between navigating life through doubt and walking within understanding of what is Cosmically yours.

Your free will is where the magic lives. This program is meant to show you the unseen for you to make the best decisions in your life.

It's time to Alchemize your magic 

Mentorship consist of weekly sessions over 3 -6-12 months.

Tier 1 

Weekly sessions focused on the new and full moon cycles alongside Eclipses. This is the ultimate path to manifestation and i will teach you!

Optimizing all the cosmic transits taking place in real time. Essentially know how all the major transits will affect your life. Take in the cosmic conversations of each planet.

We will also look into the soul contracts of any individual in your life. This usually consists of parents, sibilings, children and lovers.

Includes a Solar return reading and progressed chart.

Each session includes Spiritual Homework that we will check in with weekly

Tier 2 

Everything in Tier 1 PLUS

A detaied track of your cosmic progress and movement.

I run your chart through professional grade licensed Astrology software systems that alert me when significant transits take place. 

I will scan your chart through my softwares weekly before our session. 

We also take a deep dive into the planets in your chart; Discovering the Karmic energy between all the cosmic lights Sun - Pluto 

Tier 3

All of the above plus,

we incorporate my specialty readings.

Draconic Chart

Business Astrology

The Only Birth Chart Reading You Will Ever Need

Venus Love Me 


Mentorships are an investment of four figures monthly.

This program will not predict marriage/soul mates/pregnancys. It is also not desinged to make decisions for you.

To apply please 


What private clients are saying:

"What Can I Say! Brilla has a Unique way if looking at LOOPS. Since working with her not only have I identified areas I didn't see myself BUT She identified areas I would of never even thought to look. Baby Daddy Drama!!! Lol. I can't say enough about how her support and intuitive guidance has grounded me. What continues to blow my mind is just how in Sync she gets with her clients. A family Karma session I had with her (yes she read the charts of most of my immediate 👪) showed me an area that I could use the planets energy to heal. Well the next day my daughter calls me and tells me she had a dream of me doing some deep karmic family work. So deep that I really can't see how far back the cords are that are being cut. Mind you my daugher HAD NO IDEA BRILLA AND I WERE WORKING ON THAT! 

Love You Sis!!! "


"My readings are always so on point. Not only did she tell me things about myself I had been really repressing but also helped to guide me to finding a true partner after years of repeating patterns of seeking abusive partnerships. Some of the things Brilla told me was not what I wanted to hear but definitely the things that I needed. My life has really improved in the last months since our readings just from following the advice I was given. I am now in a happy relationship for the first time in years and feeling incredibly blessed for being a part of this mentorship. Thank you 🙏🏻 "
Callie Brunswick