About Me

I’ve been guided to specialize in spiritual astrology and the energetic patterns between people. I’ve taken an affinity to Spiritual Astrology as I believe bringing forth your spirit is monumental in physical manifestation and a purpose filled life. I’ve also connected with Synastry Charts as the psyche between people has always fiercely called me. Aside from Astrology I have long studied herbs, crystals, Holistic living and Holistic Integration to our lifestyle, for many years. I like to include plant healing energy into each reading knowing that each one of us has had to endure our darkest days far away from our ancestors healing medicine.

It is my honor to share this gift with you.

About Brilla Samay

I have been studying Astrology and Metaphysical Science for over 6 years. I started on my journey studying the medicinal application of herbs, then moved on to deeply study Astrology at an ISAR accredited school for 3 years, working closely with leading Astrologers and attending several Astrology Conferences around the globe. 


I take a holistic approach to your energetic birth chart, integrating your alchemic elements into your everyday reality. I work with you side by side into remembering who you are, where you have come from, and where you are going.

My goal is to connect you back into your soul’s purpose, joyfully.

Space of mastery 

⭑ soul contracts 
⭑ past life remembrance - souls lineage through the universe 
⭑ finding the meaning of the people closest to you 
⭑ karmic romantic relationships
⭑ career guidance & stepping into your creative energy
⭑ astrology lifestyle; practical application of the celestial transits 
⭑ spiritual support in mastering your unique alchemic structure
⭑ herbal medicine for the soul
⭑ merging your physical body to the cosmos - healing your energetic field 
🎖Background certificates in iridology, herbal plant medicine, graduate from ISAR academy, certified holistic healer, and multidimensional coach