About Me



I’d first like to say thank you to all the amazing soul’s that have allowed me to interpret their stars signs. Working with each individual is always an honor. I will always bring my passion and expertise to create your Cosmic Story’s.

My journey of studying Astrology and Metaphysical Science began over six years ago.  I started by studying the medicinal application of herbs, crystals, Holistic living, and Holistic Integration to our lifestyle. This brought incredible fulfillment and allowed me to help many individuals on the physical plane, and also opened my spirit to even more ways to provide spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment to others.  

As I continued to develop in my work, a deep connection was born in learning about the stars and the planets and their rhythmic cycles. I was in awe at how much ancient knowledge the celestial bodies carried within them. I studied Astrology at an ISAR accredited school and earned my certificate, I’ve worked closely with leading Master Astrologers and attended several Astrology Conferences around the globe. I have found my sweet spot to be in Karmic Astrology as I believe bringing forward spiritual lessons is monumental in physical manifestation and a purpose filled life. 

There are a few things that set me apart from other Astrologers

  • I have read over 4,000 astrology charts in my time. This constant exposure to all types of celestial patterns has provide so much more depth to my interpretations and readings.
  • I work closely with leading astrology apps, like the wildly popular Sanctuary, Intro and Clarity
  • Astrologically Coach business on intuitive management. Blend employees based on skillset and business needs. 
  • Acquired a confidential cliental of prominent individuals.
  • I am branching out to start my second company that is meant to be complimentary to my Astrology and Intuitive services. A full line of innovative Spiritual Products that have never been seen before! (The world didn’t know it needed this ) all fully lead through astrology, spirit and universal laws inspiring self empowerment. More on this coming soon!

    If you feel disconnected to your inner soul, feel confused or frustrated with roadblocks, heartaches, or even problems at work, or you’re just looking for direction on what the universe has in store for you, I look forward to helping you through it all.  My goal is to connect you back into your soul’s purpose, joyfully, and I can’t wait to meet you and get started.


    Brilla Samay 


    ⭑ soul contracts
    ⭑ past life remembrance - souls lineage through the universe
    ⭑ finding the meaning of the people closest to you
    ⭑ karmic romantic relationships
    ⭑ career guidance & stepping into your creative energy
    ⭑ astrology lifestyle; practical application of the celestial transits
    ⭑ spiritual support in mastering your unique alchemic structure
    ⭑ herbal medicine for the soul
    ⭑ merging your physical body to the cosmos - healing your energetic field

    🎖Certified : through the ISAR Astrology Academy, Iridology, Herbal Plant Medicine, Holistic Healer, and Multidimensional Coach