How to Build A Healthy New Age Community

Updated: Mar 29

How to Build A Healthy New Age Community

The art of sustaining life and sustaining our own resources has been long forgotten. Mostly in part because big entities have given us the comfort to do all the work. And while that’s deliciously lazy. What we are seeing in actual time is that it’s not sustainable for our human evolvement.

The truth is we have given up vital control over our sovereignty. This term might seem foreign but what exactly is spiritual sovereignty?

All souls come with a life program and a series of life contracts to be played out in the current lifetime. The contracts are as diverse as the roles we have programmed to play as individuals on this planet.

Spiritual Sovereignty is not a divisive concept. It is one that reinforces the right to your individuality. The interesting aspect is that we remain connected to source at all times. We are extensions of the divine.

To walk in sovereignty is to be able to withhold the responsibility consciously from your acts through the expressing of the many aspects of your Soul and the realities you are helping co-create. It is one of the most valuable concepts that precede the efforts of the path of Self-Mastery. It does not, however, affirm an individual’s superiority about another being, but reinforces YOUR right to have YOUR experiences and to consciously limit the interference of others into your reality, both internal and external.

It is also crucial to note who we were before these corporations did everything for us. It’s a time tv programming refers to as old school. The olden days where everything was very hard to make. Advancements were minimal and life was, well, lame. You had to work for the days fruits. Almost, every single day. The real truth is our ancestors where healthy af. And they could survive basically any turmoil. The lights went off? No problem. We just made candles. Eggs weren’t available ? Great! More mashed potatoes. The weather has us locked in? Amazing we have canned peaches 🍑. You get the point.

In this respect it has become important to work with our hands again. make our own soap. Make our own meals. And support your neighbor Sarah, who makes amazing home made butter. Because your neighbor isn’t interested in your sovereign energy. No. She’s interested in feeding her family with the utmost nutrition using a recipe from great great great great grandma. Thank you neighbor.

It really is our responsibility to not look down at this way of life. Yes It was hard work but it lead to a rich and full filling life. While I don’t think we will go back to a time this extreme. I do think we are in a time where we must gather up more local resources to sustain our lifestyle. We truly must become responsible for ourselves, our families and our environments to head this change of age. To usher in this new age (yes a new age is here. But can we not be afraid of it?) we must recognize what community work is. Not all of us are walking healthy Aquarian’s out here. So I am going to teach you the art of community.

In the olden days (not really, literally 80 years ago) it took great socialization skills to uphold local resources. Everyone had to work together to orchestrate a prosperous life. People focused on making items they were naturally good at. Like Nancy who made the perfect flour mix for pancakes. We don’t know how but she just did. She also made the perfect bread mix and cake mix. Perfecting this essential food need, the rest of the community supported Nancy in making this mix. They bought from her weekly. If there was ever a time they couldn’t monetarily pay, Sarah would exchange her ultimate butter for Nancys’s classic bread mixes. (Get the dance?) In today’s time this trade can work to save money and sustain resources. It can look like having a community master list of main groceries and goods to buy weekly/monthly then purchasing them in bulk. Saving loads of money. Instead of 4 individuals spending $100 a week for groceries it gets reduced massively in a cohesive community.

So let’s fully break down the compartments of a full filling community.

An important part of building a community is to recognize each member of the tribe. Acknowledge the treasures and talents they carry within. THIS DOES NOT TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM YOU. If this is in any form is threatening; you are driving an ego based vehicle and must realign to the Aquarian consciousness. If you have however done deep soul work you are walking in authenticity. This delegation process isn’t assigned formally or dictated to you, you simply are it. You are your truth, so it is reserved for you. You will be given this energy field automatically. These template are to help you recognize these archetypes in your community and open space for their given nature to flourish.

Pioneers: these people are group leaders. They support your community by keeping the group engaged, prosperous and safe.

Establishing Member: this community member “title“ is only available in a newly created community. It Acknowledges early members who have helped the community grow. This sector does slowly grow over time as radical shifts occur they hold down the fort.

Discussion Starter: these are members who start meaningful group discussions and bring forth ideas. They are free to roam the world and bring back valuable information for the community.

Discussion enthusiast: Recognizes people who frequently generate meaningful discussions and encourages other group members to contribute more. Enthusiast are valued Immensely because they keep conversations at float and available to the group.

Novelist: these are members who bring in new local resources based on trends and history. They contribute to the community by sharing historic storylines and estimate the climate of the group.

Host: This community member provides information and support. They help new members feel welcome upon joining and support established members sustain their efforts. Often this member is the keeper of resources. They establish routines for others to ‘check in’.

New members: welcoming new members and making them feel supported is critical to building a community. Showing them “around” and validating their voice fosters a confident strong and productive community member.

Community Anniversary’s: Celebrate the times a member has invested in your community in a grand way. Or a victories achievement that everyone worked hard for. These moments hold high frequencies and are available to use in memoriam for the health of the community.

These guidelines are archetypal energies and as the group grows the roles become fluid and people shift into new spaces. Allow flexibility and space for the community to explore and ascend into different roles. The best way to begin now is using our online connections. Begin creating local groups and chats where people who are interested in this type of living environments can join. The ultimate goal here is to move towards the direction of having self governing communities where people can shape their lives according to the place on earth the live in.

Celestial Blessings Brilla Samay

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