Tik Tok Video Reading - FAST TRACK OPTION (this reading goes on my tik tok feed)

Tik Tok Video Reading - FAST TRACK OPTION (this reading goes on my tik tok feed)

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It's true, I am doing Free Tik Tok Video Readings. The intention is to teach our community about the magnitude of soul contracts, how to spot them, how to read your astrology and learn to best work with the energies we were born with guided by a professional Astrologer 

I am donating my time as I wish to share my passion and love for the work I do while helping other understand theselves better. 

As of right now, i have 850+ entries. If you wish to get a free reading just head over to my Get In Touch tab and send me an email with your birth information.

I plan to post 1-3 readings a day!!! that is 364 free readings a year!!!!

However, if you wish to FAST TRACK your reading meaning gurantee your spot, get a quicker response and shedule your own posting day and ask me ANY question please keep reading....

Have your birth chart read on my Tik Tok page!

3 GOLDEN MINUTES entirely dedicated to you and your Soul Contracts!

These readings will be recorded and uploaded for many to learn from. 

You have the option of staying annonymous and asking a specific question or going general.

This is an ideal way to get a quick, throrough, fun and useful reading by reading!

This virtual gem make the IDEAL gifts to friends, family and yourself! i will make sure you get a shout out!

Once purchased you will get an email from me to schedule your reading date!   


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