SVB Bank Collapse

Alright friends, let's take a deep dive into the SVB banking collapse.

I have wrecked my brain researching all of this and have seen several, several charts and we're going to stick with transits of the now time as well as the American natal chart.

 Now, I do want to mention that the techniques that I use to read astrology are the same techniques that I've used for over six years in my private practice and how I counsel my private clients.

 Through these techniques I was able to support two of my astrology mentees from being affected by the SVB Collapse. These are clients that I see weekly in efforts to life plan and optimize cosmic opportunities.

 Now the reason I mentioned this because I know that there's a lot of opinions of what's going on astrologically out there and this is aimed to share my background, however if you are here in my Newsletter, you very well know my core values in reading Astrology.

 Let’s get into it, One of the first things that I consider is, is this a short term event or is it a long term thing?

 The long term focus, which means lasting change, is seen through the North Node that is in Taurus and the North Node in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus has shown to us that we're doing radical change when it comes to our money, our cash finances.

 Because of that, our resources, our financial resources like government support and banking support, even taxes eventually are all under review. Essentially what is being strengthened is our ability to work very, very hard for our money and we can see this through the rise of social media.

 Social Media and the Workforce

 Through the popularity and accessibility of social platforms people have been able to open up independent businesses and the people who do have businesses, have been exponentially growing. This is because again, the North Node is in Taurus is aiming to build these skills within us. Now, again, if you watch my content, I like to advocate that traditional media is always going to aim to latch you onto the fear of what's taking place, to feel fear and worry over the natural growth and evolution of humanity. This is essentially breathing out the qualities of the South Node in Scorpio.

 So in all reality, there is an empowerment movement that is happening within people. To earn money, cash money for themselves. While again, at the same time Uranus is kind of like renovating innovating, our version of cash.

Over the last few years we've been experiencing the eclipses in this axis point. Taurus and Scorpio rules over cash money and financial resources.

Saturn in Aquarius

Next transit we want to consider is Saturn and Aquarius. Saturn is corporations, institutions, authority figures, the housing of structure that society is under. Holding on to that thought, we're going to move over to Pluto, who has been in Capricorn for well over 20 years.

What I like to tell people is that Pluto is slow moving we don't see him, we don't hear him, he doesn't even attempt small strikes. So when he does strike, the world is going to feel it.

 So the question is when does he strike?

This is going to be seen through pivotal moments where there is steam. You want to consider Pluto as steam brewing up and then when that steam comes to a head, then we're all burning up.

 Now what is pluto doing?

 Pluto is transforming the structures of our society. It's transforming the governmental system, the organizations that we listen to, the authority figures in our world. I want you to consider long term energy.

 Long term energy is something that's going to last and meant to change the future well over 20 years from now. So when you think of breaking down a system that has been in existence for hundreds of years, the change and the process of transformation is going to take just as much time.

 What we get to see is little glimpses and jumps towards all of this change. So what we know and what we can say is that the transformation of finances, of governmental structures, of how the individual makes money, the corporate world is all starting to change. This is your working structure. This is the nine to five structure. This is how employees connect with their employer.

In the future, is it going to be employees? What are the changes that humanity needs to make in order to live a more sovereign and a more authentic life? Because essentially what the world is growing into is the Age of Aquarius. We're taking a Uranian route into sovereignty. So now we get to this event, which is the SVB collapse that took place on March 8.

What was happening this day? Let's take a look at the natal chart, on this day, we had pluto at the 29th degree of Capricorn. The 29th degree is so important in astrology along with the zero degree. The zero and and the 29th degree are critical because this is when the trigger is done.

This is when the final moment is seen. And so the 29th degree is when basically shit hits the fan. We get to see the result of what we've been transforming or changing through the particular planet.

So with pluto being at the 29th degree of Capricorn, we're starting to see what exactly is being taken off or kicked out of our experience. It's going to start dissolving the current South Node stigma. The South Node of Scorpio rules Banks, it rules institutions.

resources, financial resources that do not fit the structure of the north node in Taurus, making cash money. 

Another thing that took place this day is Saturn was at the zero degrees of PISCES. It does not mean that this is a Piscean event. It actually means it's the kickoff from everything it's been doing in Aquarius. It's the result, it's what came out of it. We get to see it firsthand in combination with these two, there's actually so much more that I could share about this ongoing development. 

But today, I'm going to stick with the principle of these two planets, because these two Gods are really shouting out to us it's time to reform.

The Path of Pluto over the next two years…

Another thing that I want you to consider is that Pluto is going to be going back and forth from 29 Capricorn to zero degrees of Aquarius into December of 2024. So we have two years of us working through this exact moment, this exact process.

Now, when we go into America's chart.

We’re going to see that Pluto, is at 27 degrees of Capricorn. This means during the upcoming Pluto retrograde in May it will go back into the 27th degree in Americas natal chart, it's going to start chipping more at our American financial system. The exact date of this will be on October of 2023.

And that's when we will be seeing a lot more solid change happen. I'm saying, cat and mouse, this energy will go back and forth for the next two years.

Now, what I want you all to consider is that simultaneously we've been seeing news of social media outlets reforming the way that they pay their creators.

I 100% believe that this is an attempt of the American false Gods trying to keep things as they are. It's just kind of like changing the beast. So it is really interesting to watch.

Social media, especially TikTok, has changed the life of so many individuals, and it has un-gaslit (insert Brilla’s invented word lol) us literally from what Instagram and facebook has done. If you're a creator, if you're an influencer, if you have a business, and You've been trying to get your business going through Instagram, all of us feel gaslit by the shitty attempts and the way that it treats its people. It's very similar to the systems we already know.

It's truly a jacked up system,  for us to see the drastic contrast and just the sense of humility that TikTok brings in, offering people a branch that they can actually probably set up a little birdhouse on is loud. 

This is all related to what’s happening right now.

What can you do? 

Bringing it back to the individual, to you and I, what is it that we can do?

As your astrologer, I'm going to tell you to remember your values and remember the values that you have within sovereignty and authenticity, because that is going to be rewarded, those are the qualities that the universe wants us to develop today. Therefore its our divine right to claim.

 If anyone needs a one on one reading, I am here for you. Book a session today.

Lovingly, warmly,

Brilla Samay


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