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    Brilla has a gift I have not seen in anyone else. The years I worked with her changed my entire perspective in life. Any one who gets a chance to do this mentorship is giving themself a timeless gift.

    Esther - astral acension astrology mentorship

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    YOU absolutely deserve attention! The way Brilla articulated and explained my chart is exceptional. The clarity and eloquence with which it has been presented resonated deeply.

    Diana J - the only birth chart reading you will ever need

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    Truly life-changing and eye-opening! I am always left speechless at end of every class. I've done 3 months so far and every time I learn something new. I found that these classes not only helped me understand myself and direction in life. They also allowed me to help meet my loved ones where they're at and provided reassurance in my relationships. I can't express how grateful I am to have Brilla shed some insight on my life and building a happy life. I cannot find enough words. I am so grateful.

    Andrea -cosmic alchemy academy

Frequently Asked Questions

If your alive, the answer is yes. The soul is eternal, evolving through time in efforts to create a destiny for itself.

Every soul comes in with a karmic pathway as earth is the portal of ascension through equalization. The soul needs to balance out inequalities of the past to continue creating new forms of it's destiny. Therefore the new cannot exist until the old has been balanced.

Thus, acknowledging and addressing one's karma becomes a vital aspect of navigating the alchemic journey towards a more enlightened existence.

Karma in people shows up as ongoing frustrations, repeated blockages, discord in relationships, lack of personal achievement, feelings of misery and sadness, insecurities and vulnerabilities, disadvantages in life. Overall Karmic energy is recognized by tension in a persons life. While its true we can never entirely get "rid" of this, we can achieve mastery over things that once hindered us.

Learning your karmic story adds a profound layer of depth to your astrological birth chart. Karma is the cosmic principle of cause and effect, suggesting that our actions in the past influence our present and future experiences. By delving into your karmic patterns through astrology, you gain insights as to the exact blocks that are holding you back from achieving abundance in this lifetime. Riches like cash money, love, sex, health and wellness, beauty, peace and purpose.

The gain a person can achieve is individual, as every soul is on it's own unique journey. Accomplishments can look like riches, material gains, forgiveness, closure, connection to self, life clarity, healing, develpoment of spiritual gifts, psychic connection to the planets and so much more. We can say across all these journeys one thing remains the same, fullfillment and ultimate hapiness.

What sets Brilla apart is not only her proficiency in astrology but also her multifaceted background. Prior to astrology, she holds a wealth of knowledge in Alchemy, Occult Metaphysics, Grief Counseling, and Life Coaching. This unique blend of expertise equips Brilla with a holistic understanding of the human experience, allowing her to approach karmic astrology with a depth that extends beyond the celestial influences.

If you are new to working with Brilla, It is always suggest to get a 1-1 reading. On a private session you will discuss your current trajectory and what is being offered to you by the Universe in real time. This is enough to set you up for 1 years worth of karmic work and destined manifestation.

This website is new and simplified with only 2 private reading options available - Karmic Astrology Reading or The Only Birth Chart Reading You Will Ever Need. Meaning all of the readings I had up over the last 7 years have been put into a Secret Vault. The BrillaVault!

The only way to get access to my speciality readings is by joining either Cosmic Alchemy Academy (group mentorship) or Astral Ascension (private mentorship).

Brilla Samay host in person and online speaking engagements. For inquiry, please email info@brillasamay.com