2023 The Year Ahead

2023 The Year Ahead

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In this consultation we take a deep look into your year ahead. We will discuss major planetary transits that will impact your life. Having this information at hand as you live your life is invaluable. You will recognize opportunity when it knocks on your door. These are my most successful and popular readings to date. All sessions are filled with new information and customized for the time we are in. 

2023 Year Ahead Overview

*Learn how the 4 mercury retrogrades will impact your chart. 

*Get ahead of Venus retrograde in Leo 

*Learn how the nodes of fate will impact your Soul growth when they move into Aries

*Discover how Jupiter's powerful stay in Aries will trail-blaze your life 

*Understand how Saturn in Pisces will shift your focus into completion and surrender towards your path. 

*Emerging break throughs, discover how Uranus, the North Node and Jupiter in Taurus will be activating the luckiest day of the year for you!

*Deep Dive into the 4 eclipses of dynamic change

*Integrate the focus of energies, healing themes and areas that will be highlighted for you in 2023

and a lot more to help guide you through SO many global changes.


Once item is purchased I will email you to set up an appointment. At this time I will be requesting your 

Full Birthday
Exact Birth time (most accurate on birth Certificate)
Place of Birth
Any questions you may have about your chart.

Please note that I reserve the right to end any session at any time where I feel the client is not sober, clear minded or intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol. This is non-refundable.

All Sales Are Final.