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Are you ready to take your life to the next level and fine-tune your human experience? If you value long-term growth and being in a natural flow, my Karmic Astrology Consultation is the ultimate masters tool for your dream life. Get comfortable with empowerment and clear direction with my exclusive deep dive readings.

Your karmic keys are revealed to unleash your full potential and align with your soul's purpose. Explore your unique energetic signature and discover the path to living your best life with confidence and clarity.

A Karmic Astrology Session is a 360 journey that contains a practical and transformative understanding of your life purpose and karmic structure through expert analysis of your birth chart and planetary placement. Gain invaluable insight into past lives and uncover the secrets to creating a life that aligns with your highest self. 

My alchemical approach to crafting alignment is your master plan. Each reading provides a personalized roadmap for creating a magical life aligned with your unique energy imprint.

Conducted and recorded via a Zoom video call, you can access these groundbreaking insights from the comfort of your own home.

At my core, I believe in the transformative power of understanding karmic energy imprints. That's why I am committed to providing our clients with a safe, calm, and lucid space to explore their unique energy state.

Take the leap and unlock the memory of you. 

I do not read other people's birth chart for you.

I reserve the right to end any session at any time where I feel the client is not sober, clear minded or intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol. 

All sales are final

Customer Reviews

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Mind Blown!!!!

Thank you so much for the insanely accurate reading! I love your style and flow! Very simple, organic, and straight to the point!
This reading honestly blew my mind, not only were you extremely accurate, but I also loved the advice and insight provided. I felt enlightened and also very motivated by it..which I’m truly grateful because I was riding the mental struggle bus pretty hard in the last could of days!
You even nailed my relationship with my mother…astrologers usually interpret my upbringing/mother as something stable and harmonious, and even tho I love my mother, my experience of her has felt extremely distant and definitely not what I need from her as you mentioned in the reading.
Every other point you brought up resonated strongly!

I want to thank you for your time, your energy, your craft and I hope you are blessed endlessly 💕

Sarah Bay
The life changing sessions of my life

I had a consultation reading with Brilla, i say I feel welcomed, she is very kind and gentle. she take time to explain, she listened to me. I feel safe to share and all the information gives me the light I need. I take that consultation to understand the directions / take was the right to also work on my self. Is important to understand that birth chart is very important to accept to hear it to grow. Is like ten years of therapy in one session. So is important to say if you want to change and grow take it she is always kind with her words. She sent to you after the record I recommend to watch it again. I learn so much about me with her. I recommend to follow her in social media too when I see her how she reads her birth chart is like a class. I she post also on her instagram nice advice. I can say she is sunshine in a room so to have a consultation with her is like to speak with the friends and you feel safe to share, never feel judge. I had a before and after Brilla, it was positive and helpful and change my life. She is a professional with kindness heart and empathy. I stay in touch with her after my consultation to say my progress she was very supportive. So l Recommend her