Psychic Tarot & Oracle mini Reading

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I've opened this space due to overwhelming demand on social media platforms 

I am thrilled to offer a 3 card tarot and oracle pull with a personalized interpretation for you to read and integrate. 

You will receive an image with your hand picked cards along with a typed interpretation the Universe would like you to know today. Access the realms of time for answers needed today!

Messages will be emailed and delivered to your email inbox.

These check in’s are ultra popular with new and ongoing clients. They are the perfect way to receive guidance and direction in between readings. 

NEW Past Lives. This reading is intended to bridge today with karmic layers of your past. Learn about past life triggers, lessons and blessings that are interplaying in the NOW time. These blockages are responsible for what you are manifesting, specific details of who you were and what is affecting you will be shared. By far the most in depth reading you can get on the internet.

NEW Astrology Written Karmic Readings. Learn your current cosmic alignment written by Brilla Samay using your birth chart! Limited time only!

Please Note: Response time is longer due to an influx of readings.  All readings are done me, Brilla and include your personal name in the picture for personalization that it is yours. 

I will use the name shown at checkout for the reading.

Upon purchase you will receive an email with further instructions. 

Tarot VS Oracle 

Tarot is an intricate divination system. Consisting of 78 structured cards. They rely heavily on classic mythology, symbolism, astrology and occult ancient practices. Tarot is seen as a door way into the subconscious and ethereal body where on can receive answers to events in question by interpreting the messages based on the unique arrangements of the cards. 

Oracles cards are less structured than tarot, they are divined using a combination of art work and written interpretations. Oracle cards can be inspired by almost any subject and are open to a wider range of styles and formats. Oracles are the perfect match for daily inspiration, gentle reminders and intuitive confirmation.