Solar Return - Birthday Reading for predicting themes in your personal year

Solar Return - Birthday Reading for predicting themes in your personal year

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It's your birthday and the world will know it!

Around the time of your birthday, a unique, temporary chart can be casted that encapsulates what you're likely to experience over the next year of your life?

You give birth to this chart annually when the Sun reaches the precise degree and minute it occupied at your birth.

This moment can take place on the day of, day before, or day after your birthday. Technically, this is the precise second in which you're really supposed to make those birthday wishes. 

A Solar Return reading takes a look at the energy in which you have been infused once more with all of the potential your Sun sign.

This is your moment each year to begin the next chapter of your exciting life. What does that chapter contain? Well lets find out! 

1 Hour considers the current years Solar Return

2 Hours considers the previous Solar Return and Current Transits.


Once item is purchased I will email you to set up an appointment. At this time I will be requesting your 

Full Birthday
Exact Birth time (most accurate on birth Certificate)
Place of Birth
Any questions you may have about your chart.

Please note that I reserve the right to end any session at any time where I feel the client is not sober, clear minded or intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol. This is non-refundable.

All Sales Are Final.