Jupiter in Aries Anointing Oil

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When Jupiter, the planet of expansion, aligns with the fiery energy of Aries, it brings forth a unique set of blessings, gifts, and talents that can truly inspire a person, ignite genie-like magic, and exude an air of heroism that goes unmatched. Individuals blessed with Jupiter in Aries possess a dynamic and adventurous spirit that fuels their endeavors and propels them toward success.

Jupiter in Aries natives are infused with an extraordinary dose of luck and abundance. Their actions and initiatives are intertwined with unwavering confidence, enthusiasm, and a pioneering spirit. They possess a natural ability to take risks, allowing them to venture into uncharted territories and emerge victorious. This bravery, coupled with their infectious passion,  Jupiter in Aries anointing oil is the ultimate partner in crime.  Intended to bring out the will in willpower, Brilla’s oil can be used to draw opportunities toward them, creating magnetic moments for bold manifestations and realizing grand visions.

With each drop of this herbal elixir, expect to see a rise as their charisma intensifies, radiating an aura that captivates and enthralls. Effortlessly draw kindred souls and influential allies into their orbit, for they are attuned to the cosmic symphony that resonates within their being. Collaborations flourish, alliances are forged, and the collective energy of their endeavors reverberates with the resounding echoes of triumph.

In this dance between the celestial and the mortal, the anointing oil acts as a catalyst, amplifying their innate blessings and talents. It infuses their every pursuit with exclusivity, richness, and philosophical depth that sets them apart from the mundane. They become the embodiment of inspiration, a guiding light for those who seek to traverse uncharted territories and manifest their wildest dreams.

Thus, as they anoint their being with this sacred elixir, they embark upon a transformative journey, where the threads of fate intertwine with their indomitable spirit. The anointing oil becomes an indispensable companion on their odyssey, magnifying their luck, and elevating their existence to a realm where the realms of possibility expand beyond measure.

Direction to use: Prepare your sacred space during the ethereal dance of the new moon or eclipse ceremonies. Anoint the elixir upon your third eye, the gateway to the mystical realms of insight and intuition. With each gentle touch, feel the celestial energies awaken as if a dormant fire within your soul is ignited, ready to guide your path with radiant clarity. Illuminate your sacred space with flickering candles, symbolizing the luminosity you seek to infuse into your life. Adorn yourself in a flowing dress, allowing the fabric to caress your skin and symbolize the surrender to the wisdom of the universe. With each gentle sway, you align with the cosmic currents, embracing the ebb and flow of life's grand tapestry.

Jupiter Anointing Oil can also be used to dress candles around ritual magic.


Jojoba oil, a liquid gold that mirrors the radiance of the sun itself. With its innate ability to balance and nurture, it serves as the foundation, grounding the cosmic energies and facilitating their harmonious dance upon your sacred body. 

Ginger: with its fiery spirit, awakens the senses and infuses the anointing oil with a vibrant energy. It invokes a zestful courage, empowering you to venture into uncharted realms, blazing trails with determination and fervor.

Black pepper: adds a touch of mystique and potency to the elixir. Its essence pierces the veil of stagnation, stimulating the energetic flow and invoking a magnetic aura. 

Rosemary: Its aromatic whispers summon clarity and sharpen your intuition, bridging the realms of the conscious and the divine enabling you to navigate the labyrinthine paths of your destiny with grace and wisdom.

Cayenne pepper: with its fiery potency, infuses the elixir with a transformative spark. It stirs the flames within, revitalizing your spirit and instilling a sense of invigoration and vitality. 

Basil: shield against adversity, a wellspring of prosperity, and a conduit for manifestation. It invites the blessings of Jupiter in Aries, amplifying your innate gifts and attracting opportunities that align with your divine purpose.

These enchanting ingredients, along with other celestial essences, converge in a harmonious fusion within the anointing oil.

Size: 15ml or ½ an oz.  You only need a drop for use. 

Sustainably handcrafted. Safe for children, pets, and plants. Made with energetic organic therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. herbs. Comes with an instruction card. 

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Not for consumption.

Celestial Blessings

Xo, Brilla