Private Cosmic Mentorship


It is thought that we don’t come into this world with an instruction manual, but what if I told you, your birth chart is the only star map you need? Holding a wealth of universal information, your cosmic alignments hold a powerhouse of knowledge waiting for YOU to unlock them.

My Private Cosmic Mentorship is focused on bringing forward the eternal codes in your soul and all the unrealized potential, hidden deeply within your birth chart. Astrological analysis enables better self-awareness in which you will learn how to apply on a practical level in your daily life. Like shadows cast by daylight and darkness lit by moonlight the ultimate goal of this mentorship is to overcome & merge the polarities within you. Balancing karmic flow in your energy field. 

My 1-1 mentorship is a tailored private experience that leads you on a journey through the never-ending spiral of your own unique celestial footprint across the cosmos. This mentorship creates the space and dialogue needed for you to meet yourself in a higher conscious into different levels of the cosmic realms. Leading you to your personal akashic records in which you will learn more about where you come from and where you are headed. My ultimate mission in life is to open up a new celestial door for you and guide you every step of the way. Truthfully you will never be alone, walking side by side with me, your spirit guides and all our planetary stars. If you are seeking to find your true place in life, make bold decisions and move through the Karma in within yourself, this mentorship is for you.

Is it your turn?

🔮 YES, if you want the ability to define the beginning, middle, and end of Karmic cycles in your life. 

🔮Yes, if you are feeling it’s a time period of self-development, or moving through a challenging time. 

🔮 YES, if you want to know what your natal chart says about your personal financial abundance, love, business, relationships and wellness.

🔮 YES, if you need a tool for tracking small and major cycles in your life. 

🔮 YES, if you need help understanding yourself more clearly and other people around you.

🔮 YES, if you desire a closer connection to the Astral Realm far beyond into the Universe 

🔮 YES, if you desire to know the Soul Contracts in this lifetime

🔮 YES, if you have been wanting to start a personal business and leave the matrix as it is! 

🔮 YES, if you no longer want to play it small and you are ready to align to your true authentic self. 

"You are a Cosmic Goddess  and hand in hand, we will weave and dance through past life experiences, eternal fate, and open timelines for your ultimate highest good!" 

🔮 Consists of:
One  60-minute 1-on-1 video session via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded for your convenience. 

🔮 Includes:

  •  A detailed analysis of the new and full moon cycles tailored to the respective month
  • Practical plan for the eclipse cycles,
  • Significant cosmic transits, retrogrades, and how they will potentially affect your life. 
  • Personalized Cosmic homework to do throughout the month for personal development.
  • A private file where I keep track of your astrological journey and record session notes.
  • Work side by side with an astrological planner.
🔮 Consists of:
Two 60-minute 1-on-1 video session via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded for your convenience.
🔮 Includes:
  • Everything included in Tier 1. Plus:
  • Readings for your solar and lunar returns. 
  • Soul Contract readings for understanding the karmic lessons between any two people; these can be your parents, friends, co-workers, siblings, lovers, etc.
  • Personalized Spiritual Rituals for the New/Full moon and Eclipses.


🔮 Consist of:
Four  60-minute 1-on-1 video sessions via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded for your convenience. 
🔮 Includes:
 Access to all of my specialized readings; these readings are determined by me, month to month: Progressed chart, Solar Return, Venus Love me, Draconic chart, The Only Birth Chart Reading You Will Ever Need, Business Astrology, Chiron and Saturn Evolution, Moon Monthly Planning.

Ready to start?

Join Here! Your Personal Astrologer Is A Click Away.

Upon this personal journey there will be times or phases in which we will tackle specific aspects or perhaps unaddressed work, there will be a safe space to discuss intimate dialogue, new perspectives, and suggested methods of healing. In order to bridge any multidimensional gaps, clear psychic blockages, and strengthen spiritual boundaries weakened by neglect.
So let us begin, choose the following tiers of mentoring befitting to yourself in navigating the cosmic world. I am ready to be your Private Personal Astrologer aiming to support your achievements, healing and the growth that awaits.

Notes to consider:

This mentorship is all about YOU and not for learning the Art of Astrology. You will come out of it with incredible astrological knowledge about yourself.

This mentorship is not intended to predict your future, make decisions for you or will it tell you what to do.

"Brilla Samay... What can I say, I can't thank her enough for the insight of my birth chat she gives. This knowledge has me on point with key times in my life. The amount of coincidental things she tells me that may happen always do, and be of her insight, I know what decisions to make at the perfect time. This is definitely something everyone needs to know about themselves and to better their lives. There's really something magical about our solar system and this universe and how each and every one of us has a specific chart to understand. She deciphers this for me! I LOVE IT!”
- Ceci