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The cosmos are doing the most this month.

The closer to summer, the better the vibes, right? Based on the astro forecast for June, that’s definitely true this year. The start of Cancer season, a Capricorn full moon, Saturn stationing retrograde — there’s a lot to look forward to this month beyond the summer solstice on June 21.

Don’t be surprised if you experience an abundance of creativity this month. “[June] carries large themes of artistic expression through inspiration and creative desire to showcase beauty in your world,” astrologer Brilla Samay tells Elite Daily. “There is a tone to overcoming fears and confusion stored in the subconscious.”

Ahead, Samay spills the tea on each zodiac sign’s June 2024 horoscope, as well as what the cosmos have in store for the start of summer, and so much more.

The Most Important Astrological Dates In June 2024

  • June 4: The sun conjunct Venus in Gemini
  • June 6: Gemini new moon
  • June 8: Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces and Mars enters Taurus
  • June 16: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • June 17: Mercury and Venus enter Cancer
  • June 20: The sun enters Cancer
  • June 21: Summer solstice and beginning of Cancer season
  • June 22: Capricorn full moon
  • June 29: Saturn stations retrograde


June 2024’s Astro Forecast Is Full Of Creativity

Cancer’s sensitive water sign sensibilities will have a massive influence on the month ahead. According to Samay, June is expected to be full of imagination, innovation, and artistry.

It all starts on June 4, when Venus will conjunct the sun in Gemini and trine Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. Because air signs are known for being free, open-minded thinkers, this alignment is sure to create a “space for revelations and higher ideals to show through,” per the expert.

On June 17, Mercury, Venus, and the sun will all be conjunct in Gemini, which will inspire one last “blast of intellectual illumination with creative problem solving and collaborative efforts,” according to Samay.

Enjoy the burst of creative energy while you can, because once the full moon illuminates the sky on June 22, practicality will take over. That’s because la luna will be in the hardworking sign of Capricorn, and your longterm ambitions and goals will be at the forefront once again.

That said, the ethereal water sign energy will still be present during this lunation, because our “ideas and dreams” will help shed light on these objectives, per Samay.

To close out the month, Saturn will go retrograde on June 29, where it will remain until Nov. 15. Much less daunting than Mercury retrograde, this transit will inspire much introspective and reflection.

“Saturn will start asking us questions in regards to any anger or resentment we are holding in our relationships,” says Samay. “This is a washing of the subconscious which says if you have dreamed or planned too big (spoiler alert you haven’t) you have to clear out any limiting beliefs encoded in you.”



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