TAROT Horror Movie released during Saturn in Pisces- Karmic History

TAROT horror film was released on May 3rd (after 2 reschedules) creating the natal chart of Taurus sun, Pisces moon conjunct Saturn.   

Every celestial/worldly event carries a unique esoteric imprint, always intertwined with spiritual and karmic significance. As Saturn, the lord of time in the heavens transits through Pisces, mysticism and compassion is brought up to the surface. An opportunity to define profound karmic lessons both individually and collectively. 

Amidst this celestial cycle, the release of a tarot-themed horror film becomes a poignant manifestation, offering a gateway to explore the deeper spiritual currents at play.

The astrological age during which tarot cards were invented is the Age of Pisces, which is believed to have started around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ and is associated with themes such as spirituality, mysticism, and compassion. Tarot emerged during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which fell within the Age of Pisces. A time when humanity's belief systems were dramatically altered reshaped and stripped into what we know now as religion.

The Age of Pisces, carried themes of surrender of the self, of the ego, to a larger vision or purpose. Throughout this era, there was an emphasis on mysticism and dissolution into a larger sense of service to merge with the Divine.Simultaneously, there was a reform at hand to reconstruct the concept of planetary magic, science and intelligence. 

Through this spiritual reform art became an avenue of sharing truth, persevering esoteric magic, and the laws of nature. These codes were placed upon recognized art,  poetry, and playing cards or what we know today as the Tarot. At this time, these avenues were invaluable as they served to contain sacred information that held rich history and intelligence.

Humanity experienced immense growth as well as an enormous loss with the demonization of who they once were. The religions they committed to condemned their known truth. Through spiritual disarray yet feeling a cosmic desire to surrender to a cause the greatest sacrifice took place and a karmic thread was created.

As we go into the Age of Aquarius and begin to break down the previous age, we are confronted with integrating the karmic lessons of the past. An age where people disconnected from their spiritual umbilical cords to adopt man-made laws.

In 2024, we live in the Liminal Period, a one-hundred-year cycle of destruction between astrological ages. The people alive today lived through the last astrological liminal period. Bringing in karmic lessons of integrating spiritual truth within themselves before they move into a space of further evolution.

Movies like TAROT are modern-day manifestations of the Age of Pisces psychological programming. As people are baptizing themselves within their spiritual history, divine information is being restored.  We see a resurgence of divination methods.  

While this spiritual propaganda won’t work for the awakening, it will plant seeds of karmic fear and doubt to those considering or on the fence of a spiritual awakening.

This film can bring up feelings of shame, doubt, and isolation when it comes to reviving ancient spiritual practices. Extreme loneliness can also affect the psyche and soul, especially for those who have families with deep religious ideologies or ties. Working through these karmic wounds is the work of Saturn in Pisces.

in the name of the Universal God, Let the light be seen


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