Kendrick and Drake Rap Battle

Kendrick and Drake have the same Karmic fabric. Being born 8 months apart, they hold the south node in Libra (karmic through others, falling for others, not holding a strong sense of self), Saturn in Sagittarius (extremes in personal beliefs, and righteousness) and chiron in Gemini (wounds of speaking up, sharing their mind and truth, mentally vulnerable to some extent)

Drake carrying the Scorpio sun leans into concealing his true place in life and close connections (past life karma). Righteously defending his mind at all cost (Chiron Uranus opposition + Saturn in sag)

 Drake living on the defensive (Scorpio sun, cancer moon) karmically brings forward enemies in the Pisces energy (7th and 8th house) bringing opposition in efforts for him to come into his true light and essence.

Both men are in a karmic cycle in 2024, clearing codes of dependency and misaligned masculine energy.

We see the difference of a person who has worked on their karma (kendrick) and one who lives in the shadows of the past (drake) 

Gemini and Scorpio bring in the cat and mouse energy. Scorpio energy coming in as the Cat, big, savvy, intimidating and self-reliant. Gemini coming in as the mouse with agility, quick thinking, and access to move into odd spaces creates a karmic torment for the almost unbeatable Scorpio. 

In the name of the Universal God, let the light be seen.


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