Aquarius Karmic Elixir

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Aquarius Karmic Elixir 

Crafted with mindful intent and a deep understanding of Aquarius' unique energies, this anointing oil blends organic essential oils to harmonize with the karmic path of the water-bearer. Fostering inner equilibrium and tranquility as a pathway to positive karmic outcomes. Encouraging introspection and a connection to one's higher purpose, this oil helps maintain a steadfast commitment to core values. It nurtures mental clarity and inventive thinking, mirroring Aquarius' penchant for innovation, and promotes a deep wellspring of compassion and empathy, crucial to their humanitarian pursuits. Nestled within is a small amethyst crystal, enhancing spiritual insight and facilitating karmic understanding. When applied with intention, this oil empowers Aquarians on their unique karmic voyage, cultivating positivity, self-discovery, and benevolence towards all.

Herbal Mix: A strong herbal combination complimenting Aquarius energy. The herbs used are astrologically ruled by Mercury fortifying a temperature just right for the work it's intended to do. Once you open your bottle you will smell the combination of seasonal organic essential oils

Size: Available in 3ml bottles. You only need a drop for use. A drop goes a long way! 

Direction:  When you use the oils: Call you in your guides,  visualise yourself undergoing a purification process and deep transformation, clearing away all that does not adhere and bringing forth immense new energy. You can anoint yourself with the oil or rub a few drops on your skin, light candles to bring radiance into your life or use as incense on a charcoal disk.

Special Notes: Alchemy is time and space. Therefore true alchemy works around cycles, patterns, and divine distribution. Look for Pisces in your natal chart to see what house Pisces is highlighting in your chart to learn where a natural surrender takes place.

Not for consumption. 

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