Aries New Moon Virtual Manifestation Workshop

Aries New Moon Virtual Manifestation Workshop

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Want to start your Astrological New Year with a clear Vision of what to manifest over the next year.... and beyond!?

Join me for my New Moon in Aries Virtual Manifestation Workshop. Create your very own physical or digital vision board on the New Moon Energy. 

Don't cut or PLAN your vision board before the new moon energy as the energy is magnified with the group in house. We are going traditional, grab all the magazines to use! if you are creating a digital board bring your tablet! 

Whats Included:

*Digital Workshop Link

*Aries New Moon Astrological Breakdown

*Interpretation of this New moon in each individuals chart

*Manifestation Codes of Activation

What to Expect:

*Harness your intuition 

*Manifestation Lesson

*Goal Setting Techniques based on your astrology chart

Sunday, April 11th 7:00pm -9:00pm PST Open to everyone 

*Dont forget to bring your birth chart information if you would like to receive a mini new moon reading! Private zoom meeting ensures your information will be kept sacred in a safe container.

Once registered, you will receive an email with the invitation link including zoom meeting and further details!