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The year is 2024 and we are living in times where linear time, opportunities and luck have no boundaries! Making the impossible possible. Truly a miraculous time to be alive and one that history will put into the books or "Iclouds" in years to come. 
Learn how 2024 is going to be significant in your life and spiritual growth by discovering how the energies will show up in your natal astrology chart.
2024 Year Ahead Overview

- Gain insights into navigating the four events of Mercury retrograde in your astrological chart and strategically plan for your current life circumstances.

- Receive a heads up about the significant Venus influences materializing in June 2024, and explore the potential beauty it holds for you.

- Gain an understanding of the revealing effects of Mars retrograde in Leo later in the year.

- Prepare for the insightful movement of Jupiter, as it traverses the stabilizing energies of Taurus and the adaptive strengths of Gemini, highlighting the concept of Divine Timing.

- Explore how Saturn in Pisces directs your energies towards completion and releasing karmic aspects on your current path.

- Tap into the insightful wisdom of Neptune in Pisces, uncovering guidance from your Higher Self.

- Witness the transition of major asteroids into new signs as they form an energetic introduction to our consciousness, bringing forth energies that have long been suppressed in the depths of our timeless souls.

- Delve into the expressions and insights of Pluto in Aquarius, offering a rich spectrum of energies of the future.

- Experience the profound effects of the Galactic Grand Trine, which will intricately contribute to our evolutionary process. The way you approach this moment can catapult you ahead of whats new!

- Identify the four eclipse points in your chart to reveal the areas of your life undergoing dynamic changes.

- Explore the primary energies, healing themes, and focal points that will illuminate your path in 2024!  

What's Included:

An Ai transcript of your reading resulting in written summarization, highlights and list of action plan for you to start the year knowing exactly what to do!

*2023 Astrological Breakdown

What to Expect:

*Detailed analysis on the year ahead 

*Guidance into best manifestation techniques 

Once the reading is purchased I will email you with my scheduling calendar! 


I do not read other people's birth chart.

I reserve the right to end any session at any time where I feel the client is not sober, clear minded or intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol. 

All sales are final

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