Business Astrology 101 for the manifestation of success through your talents

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Build business of the future. Entrepreneurship today is vastly different than what it was even 20 years ago. Opportunity is at the hands of more people as new careers are being developed at a rapid speed, brilliant innovative ideas are set into motion and the progression of today's existing work fields actively transform. 

If you follow my social channels you know I have predicted the rise in online tech industries, shifts in 8 hour work days, remote jobs becoming more accessible, the rise of entrepreneurship, existing companies shifting their relatability with employees, shifts in flexible scheduling and so much more. 

My 1-1 clients have successfully and boldy left their matrix dense work to start and lead powerful new businesses. You see the Age of Aquarius is here to be build and supported by the individual gifts of every person, therefore the space is open for you to walk into jobs of the future. 

The only difference is you don’t have to apply anywhere, you just become it. Imposter syndrome is just lack of evidence or belief in your energetic structure. Once you SEE actual proof of your dreams and ideal career path in your birth chart, this disconnect changes. Most importantly, you arrive.

I am here to help you shift your mindset from 9-5 employee to a consciously aligned entrepreneur making a profound impact on society today. 

Point of Focus:

Birth Chart Analysis

Define what natural self lead career is in your personal birth chart. What type of entrepreneur are you? What are your natural skills ? How can you ensure you stand out? 

If you have an existing full business what time of elemental support team do you need? How can you best assign job task and duties to consciously fit your company? What type of people should you hire and have on your team?

Business Natal Chart Analysis 

This is the depth of this reading where we get to see how its best to connect with your customers and run your entire business. 

We will take a deep dive into your business to formally answer questions towards marketing, finances, promotions, aesthetics, branding, your unique niche, your ideal clients, tone of voice, client needs

we we also compare and contrast, what part of your business challenges you the most? what sides are highlighted this is done so we can exactly get to the root of your magic and this everlasting business you are creating!

The result of creating an Astrology lead business is authenticity, connectivity and incredibly unique display of your craft in which customers  will be happy to support  your conscious and precise efforts! 


If applicable, this does include a social media audit.

Once item is purchased I will email you to set up an appointment. At this time I will be requesting your 

Full Birthday
Exact Birth time (most accurate on birth Certificate)
Place of Birth

If you currently have an existing business i will ask for the natal chart information of your business. If you are not sure what date it was founded on, no worries i will help you through this!

 This reading is 2 hours.

All Sales Are Final.