Karmic Astrology Video Reading

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Unravel the Threads of Destiny 🔮 I use my years of experience as a Professional Astrologer / Metaphysical Teacher / Psychic to teach you about your celestial journey, through a private video recording, which will include A.I notes through Loom, depending on your reading you will get personally tailored homework to balance your life for to the highest expression.

In a 10 minute recorded video reading, 

The Hero's Journey

Uncover your personal Astrological Lifepath through your unique Birth Chart

Teach you the karmic meaning behind your "Big Six" or 3D self (sun, moon, rising, mercury, mars, and venus placement signs)

Plus I will provide you with other key highlights from your chart that have the most impact on your intended path.

Leading to a more empowered 3D conscious experience. 

~ The Divine Journey

In this 20 minute recorded video reading, we discover who you are and your personal power. 


A detailed analysis of your entire birth chart with mentions of Chiron  

Your underlying karmic journey 

Spiritual Homework to thrive in 2024

~ The Eternal Journey

in this 30 minute reading, i will include everything mentioned above plus

Transits for today and forecast for the year ahead

Address your current challenges and concerns

    At my core, I believe in the transformative power of understanding karmic energy imprints. That's why I am committed to providing my clients with a safe, calm, and lucid space to explore their unique energy state.

    Take the leap and unlock the memory of you. 

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