Libra Anointing Oil - 2ml Charm for Manifesting Soul Mates

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Libra Anointing Oil is here and let me tell you something true love does exist. If you let go of any and all expectations and just simply request your ideal partner to come into your life, you will meet the people you desire.

My Libra Anointing Oil is charged and set to call in your Soul Mate for your highest timeline. You don't need to create an alter or conjure energy through a ritual. Simply anoint yourself and set the highest intentions and prepare to meet angels in human form. 

We all have soul mates that match our highest timelines and it's time you meet them. 

This is truly the most complete perfume I have ever made. Charming, delicious and gorgeous to look at, its curated to be the essential tool for manifestation. A little goes a long way as this concentrated blend is meant to last a life time. 

What will you get when purchasing my Libra Anointing Oil? Instant alchemy to create balance in your life. Harmony and Compromise enter your space to relief you off burdens you may carry. Any relationship that is not equal to you will come to an equilibrium. Essential the judge enters your space and brings Justice to all the work you have done in this life. 

My Libra Anointing essential oil mix contains a beautiful mix of essential oils. Over seven essential oils and two very unique and hard to source plants. In the core of this experience, we lift our pallet with Grapefruit oil for an clean pure space to lay the ground. Then we go into the steam with Peach and Rose Pedals warming up our heart chakra. Finally, we wrap up our frequency with the sweetness of Vanilla and Honeysuckle creating space to give love without limits and experience generosity to only watch it all come back to you. All held together by organic Jojoba Oil.

The Libra Anointing Oil for the moments you need peace, quiet and restoration. On a greater scale, activate the relationships in your life and soul mate connections. Bless yourself, your sacred space and tools. You may also use as a charm to carry on you or in your favorite bag for grounding and stability. These Charms make the Ultimate Magical gift for your dear friends who desire to channel Venus and her ultimate gifts of beauty, harmony and love.


This oil is so special, so unique, it is impossible to duplicate as its infused by the solar energy of the great conjunction on December 21, 2020. This is extremely exclusive. Only a unique few will be able to purchase and have been chosen to receive. How powerful is that!!! The universe has hand picked you to visit my listing for this batch of my Libra Anointing Oil. You have this perfect opportunity to experience it full circle as I have. Consider yourself blessed and worthy of such a beautiful path

Age of Aquarius - A transit felt around the world. December 21, 2020 marked a time in space that has shifted Earth to dimensions its never been. An unlocking DNA memory of past, present and future. A universal roll call for those who remember to set in motion a mission orchestrated by many star systems and star alliances. Through this massive shift you are the one alive, breathing and manifesting on Earth.

I have encapsulated this once in a life time energetic activation in a bottle, for you to see, touch, smell and envision your journey .

My Libra Anointing Oil can never be remade or duplicated. I have a limited supply available. Once my batch sells out, Each bottle will set sail to their new home as the most powerful magic blend I have ever created.

Trust in the magic of the universe, my herbal alchemy and your magic to truly change your life as soon as you click purchase.

This listing is for {1} 2ml glass charm of my Libra Anointing Oil {1} beautiful details card on how to best use this Anointing Oil Please note this oil is made with organic therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils.

Not for consumption.

Blessed Be, Brilla