Mercury Anointing Oil | 2020 North Node Activation Oil

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My Mercury Anointing Oil was created in honor of the Greek God Hermes. In Greek mythology Hereme’s was the God’s messenger. He was quick, witty and efficient. Hermes mastered the art of masquerade allowing his clever nature to do sly business trades. Astrologically, Hereme’s is connected to the planet Mercury which rules over Gemini. this energy will be of high importance for the next 18 months. We will be called in to work with our inner communicative abilities, our intellectual and imaginative nature. The north node in Gemini is asking for us to amplify our mutable air element and channel in flexibility and sociable streams.

This blend is power charged with creativity and divination. It carries the frequencies of learning. To bring in new skills and interchange with the ones already mastered. Use this oil for Magian Alchemy. If you wish to honor your sense of swift adaptability and multitude of information this blend is for you! During this time of immense change arm yourself with the swift dual nature of Mercury! This herbal mix contains the travelers notes of the air element.

We start our journey with Eucalyptus to open the frequency of where our ideas can travel through the wind. Then we open our scenes to Lavender flowers to bring in communication through our realm and earthly bodies. Lastly we lift our lift our frequencies up to the ethers with the scent of sage! All held together by organic Jojoba Oil. Each bottle is infused with Lavenders Herbal Medicine to assist in the nature of sharing ideas, trade and community. Enjoy this Anointing Oil for duration of Gemini Season onto the transit of the north does. Bless yourself, your sacred space and tools.

You may also use as a charm to carry on you or in your favorite bag for movement of thought and activation of the mind. These Charms make the Ultimate Magical gift for your dear friends and favorite Gemini’s!

For AMPLIFIED Alchemy purchase my North Node Duo set which includes both the Gemini and Mercury Anointing Oils. Mercury being the ruler of Gemini fortifies this energy stream in absolutely magnetic ways. To read more about the Gemini Oil please navigate my Etsy shop to the Gemini Anointing Oil Listing

This listing is for {1} 2ml glass charm of my Mercury Anointing Oil {1} beautiful details card on how to best use this oil. Please note this oil is made with organic therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils.

Not for consumption. Celestial Blessings