New Moon Activation Incense

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New Moon Activation Incense I have curated a striking blend in honor of the New Moon energy.

It has been in my heart and spirit to make a powerful incense blend for the beginning of the Lunar phase. And it is here. This incense carries the energy of courage, strength, action and initiation. Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, to this sign we owe gratitude for setting ablaze new trails for us to experience. Bring this into your space by lighting this sacred incense. Open a new cycle anywhere in your life and lead the way with your instincts. If you have been struggling to assert yourself or to go after what you want, this Activation Incense was made just for you. And If you’re bored with the season and are ready for something new, throw your essentials in a bag and hit the road, letting your heels and instincts lead the way.

Inside the Magic - Sacred Herb Mix Allspice: allspice has a large effect on the mind, ensuring success by enhancing creativity and providing inspiration and vision. Ginger: brings feelings of courage and self-assuredness. Its empowering essence creates an energetic security shield Hibiscus: is commonly used for dreamwork, divination and liberation, attracts intentional partners to you.

Ignite Your Personal Fire - A Powerful Way to use this Activation Incense. New Moon lunar phases begin monthly cycles. They brings forth a brand new season and is the best chance to make a new start. This energy stream offers us courage and confidence to face challenges our way. If you take advantage of this new moon energy it can make all the difference for the rest of the year.

Burn this incense for your lunar ritual, set intentions around action and initiations and set all in the intention in your heart to do it! Dont forget to set your alter with fresh flowers, crystals that represent renewal and a white candle.

This offering is for: 1 1oz Glass Vase of my Activation Incense 1 Charcoal Disk to burn incense, adorned with a single leaf of Sage 1 Beautiful description card for deep understanding of this very powerful Aries New Moon.

LIMITED AMOUNTS AVAILABLE All my products are made in small batches under sacred ceremony with the highest quality ingredients.

Important Notes: :Always use a heat proof dish on a stable surface to light your incense (THIS IS NOT INCLUDED), and never leave burning incense unattended.

*FOR BEST USE Check when the New Moon is exact and find where this degree lands in your chart! This is where the new moon is hitting you specifically. It is best to align ur goals to this part of your self for optimal alignment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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ABOUT BRILLA:  Brilla has been studying Astrology and Metaphysical Science for over 6 years. She has deeply studied Astrology at an ISAR accredited school for 3 years, has worked closely with leading pioneer Astrologers and has attended several Astrology Conferences around the globe. Brilla currently reads Astrology Charts full time and is a Metaphysical Coach she also cultivates mind, body and soul spiritual tools for the season.