Sage & Copal - Smudge Spray

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This Smudge Spray is very dear to my heart. It is the first combination I put together and has become a local must have.

Now, I have decided to make a small batch available for my Etsy Shoppers. The mix came to me during a deep meditation several years ago. I was asked by spirit to put these plants together in water, and so I did. Soon after this intoxicating blend hit my senses and I knew I had created powerful magic. I then turned this mix into clearing candles, perfumes and smudge spray. Creating my Sacred Cleansing Line.

Use this spray to cleanse yourself on the go, or any time you don't have sacred fire to light up these plants. You will experience an immediate clearing of your energy field and feel a reset as you get surrounded by uplifting positive vibrations.

Great to use on linens, clothes, car, overall air freshener and revitalizer. Simply said it purifies the space you are in. These Sage and Copal Smudge Sprays make perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. Everyone truly needs this spray in their travel bags | purses.

It is 100% safe for use on the body. (if sensitive please test a small area before fully applying.) Comes in a pristine glass bottle for long preservation.

Sacred Herbal Mix: Sage Copal Tree Resin A touch of Pomegranate Oil for sweetness Witch Hazel This listing is for 1 2oz Smudge Spray lovingly gift wrapped for your enjoyment.

3/11/20 Update: Please Note: label pictured is not on actual bottles as current worldly events have prohibited the manufacturing of these to be printed. They are however beautifully labeled by hand on a delicate black matte label. Pictures coming soon.

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