Scorpio Karmic Elixir

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Scorpio Karmic Elixer 

My Scorpio Karmic Elixir is coming through to you after a year long culmination process. Meant to be announced under the Taurus and Scorpio Eclipses. The Scorpio Star Gate has long been known as masters of death and rebirth, Scorpio energy is constantly  transforming, Providing karmic transmutation and representing the willpower required to do so.

It’s time to create your brand-new self… to burn off  old dated timelines, dated beliefs, limitations, and addictive patterns. The energy in this Elixir is a ladder up to Pluto streamlining guidance for us to work through blockages within our mind, body, and spirit. Aiming to strip away old paradigms and patterns keeping us stuck and immobile. 

Outside awaits a world where divine magic lives and breathes, where language becomes images, intuition, and faith.

Herbal Mix: A strong herbal combination complimenting Scorpio's energy. The herbs used are astrologically ruled by pluto fortifying a temperature just right for the work it's intended to do. Once you open your bottle you will smell the combination of cloves, chamomile, and scotch pine divinely dancing with my anointing oil named Scorpio's blood an essential oil mix of orange peels, allspices, rose petals, cedar woods, and patchouli.

Size: Available in 1ml and 3ml bottles. You only need a drop for use. A drop goes a long way! 

Direction:  When you use the oils: Call you in your guides,  visualise yourself undergoing a purification process and deep transformation, clearing away all that does not adhere and bringing forth immense new energy. You can anoint yourself with the oil or rub a few drops on your skin, light candles to bring radiance into your life or use as incense on a charcoal disk.

Special Notes: Alchemy is time and space. Therefore true alchemy works around cycles, patterns, and divine distribution. Look for Scorpio in your natal chart to see what house Scorpio  is highlighting your chart and to know what you need to let go of.

Not for consumption. Comes with an instruction card. 

Extremely limited edition. All orders ship on Monday.