Selenite Wands

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These Selenite Wands are extra ordinary. You can truly feel their strength just by being in their presence.

Selenite Wands are incredible effective energy directors. Use them to open circle, raise your energy, cleanse your energetic field or simply super charge the work you are doing!

These specific wands are most ideal to do energetic scanning. Very popular in the Reiki practice to scan for energetic blockages. Not only does this crystal allow you to target a blockage but you can also work with it to remove and transcend stagnate stuck energy. Selenite is also a great amplifier for other crystals and gems. Simply place another gem on top of the selenite wand for expansive amplification of energy. They are also divine tools to do protective shields around you aura field.

If you have worked with me you will know I teach techniques and energy work using very little tools, I believe in activating one very powerful magnetic tool at a time. Trust me when I say this Wand is just right alchemist partner.

My Selenite Wands have all been cleared and blessed for their journey to your hands. You will receive a cleared and supercharged tool ready to use. Simply do a connective ritual to your new gem and direct away. Selenite has long been used for their high frequency charge. It is recognized as the happiness stone. This gypsy stone is ultra peaceful and gentle yet holds its potency throughout any intention. It purifies the energy space ands attunes the user to their higher self.

This listing is for one selenite wand about 7 - 8.5 Inches long, 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide in size. Celestial Blessings Brilla