Tarot Consultations for spiritual guidance

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In these sessions we put the natal chart aside (yes their is a time for this) and access your current alignment. This gives us insight as to the world you are creating in time.

We open space to redirect any energy needed and realign our focus. We address shadow work that needs be faced to straighten any loose ends. Often spirit assigns herbal medicine for you to detox. These are created in the moment, always spirit lead. ​

Consultations are done using tarot medicine, oracle medicine, crystal medicine or any tools your spirit guides communicate to me.

Tarot is an intricate divination system. Consisting of 78 structured cards. They rely heavily on classic mythology, symbolism, astrology and occult ancient practices. Tarot is seen as a door way into the subconscious and ethereal body where on can receive answers to events in question by interpreting the messages based on the unique arrangements of the cards. 

NEW Past Lives. This reading is intended to bridge today with karmic layers of your past. Learn about past life triggers, lessons and blessings that are interplaying in the NOW time. These blockages are responsible for what you are manifesting, specific details of who you were and what is affecting you will be shared. By far the most in depth reading you can get on the internet.

Once your purchase is complete, I will email you my private scheduling calendar for you to comfortably schedule yourself in. 

Blessed Be, Brilla 

 Please note that I reserve the right to end any session at any time where I feel the client is not sober, clear minded or intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol. This is non-refundable.

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