Spiritual Mandalas - View Your Sacred Geometry

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Have you ever wondered what your energy looks like in the Heavens?

Could you believe your natal chart holds celestial dances that create images? Would you want to see how your personal planets look throughout the years? I am thrilled to be able to offer you this experience. I personally have never seen anything like this.

Here you can choose ANY two planets or asteroids and see with your eyes their energetic alchemy. These images are truly sacred. They show us first hand how everlasting we really are. This images can very well be used as meditation portals. Viewing them can bring forward past life memories and healing visuals your soul is needing. Sacred codes are held in these planetary dances and they belong to you.

These images will be uniquely tilted in honor of the planets you chose. Most images will showcase a 500 year dance cycle. If you would love to have this printed on a beautiful sheet of paper please make sure to send me a private message. They make a perfect sentimental gift for your astro friends and astronomy wizards.

Please allow 1 week for delivery of report.