Taurus Karmic Elixir

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Taurus Karmic Elixer 

The first North Node in Taurus Karmic Elixer for stability, financial abundance, and pleasure is finally available to the public after its first creation in 2016. 

It is through the combination of astrology and herbalism that you can reach new transformational levels of security, opulence, and pleasure in life. Combining our zodiac sign with the healing properties of herbalism is a powerful method to bring a greater sense of balance and prosperity. Your North Node in Astrology represents a large part of your destiny and what you're growing into in this lifetime. The Taurus north node endows an individual with the strength of resilience and the ability to create a secure, luxurious, peaceful, and comfortable life.

The Karmic Elixirs work on a vibrational level by aligning themselves with the most potent frequency Taurus carries, it contains the history, value, and purpose this Star Sign is famously known for. By merging your current frequencies and allowing the creation of this blend to move through your Cosmic Algorithm an opportunity is created to move through blocks that might stop you from achieving the stability, financial abundance, and pleasure in life you deserve. Essentially holding the power to subtly shift stuck karmic patterns in money and love to allow abundance to flow freely.

Direction: Anoint the Exilir on your third eye and on your sacred body during the new moon or eclipse ceremonies. Light candles to bring radiance into your life and ask the universe to illuminate your path during this new moon and eclipse. Wear a flowing dress to welcome in the feminine energy and elevate your intuition. If Taurus is your natal north node use it for daily guidance and direction.

Included: Scotch Pine, Thyme, Lilac flowers, Frankincense, ylang ylang, white tea, magnolia flowers in Jojoba oil, and much more.

Size: Available in 1ml and 3ml bottles. You only need a drop for use. A drop goes a long way! 

Sustainably handcrafted. Safe for children, pets, and plants. Made with energetic organic herbs. Comes with an instruction card. 

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