The Empress - Fertility Tea

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Tea blend for increasing fertility and honoring the time of conception.

Entirely nourishing herbs for every day infusions that support fertility, womb health and intestinal detoxification.

The central herb in this combination is Red Raspberry leaves, rooted in Blue and Black Cohosh roots and fortified with Nettle and Senna.

This package comes with a full page of details on each herb and directions for use. It is best to take this tea a minimum of 3 months to begin see changes and give your body a fair shot and detoxing, balancing and producing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an intentional herbal tea. The herbs included are directed towards a purpose.

It is NOT a traditional tasting combination. A small amount of tea goes a long way as it is very potent.

All ingredients are 100% organically sourced and ethically wildcrafted.

The Empress - Fertility Tea Red Raspberry Leaf Blue Cohosh Root Black Cohosh Root Nettle Leaf Senna Leaf Lavender Rose Buds Hibiscus flowers - birth and conception is not a medical event - you are the sole authority over your own body.

These statements are not medical advice and are not regulated or approved by the FDA or any other certified agency. this product is not meant to cure a disease or act in any medical capacity.

Always consult with physician before drinking herbal teas.