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Instant Reading by a Seasoned Astrologer 

Have your Karmic Astrology or Tarot read on my LIVE!

Personal Astrology Readings are 5-7 mins

Relationship Astrology Readings are 10 mins

Tarot & Oracle 3 card pull are 2 min messages for today

Once you purchase send Brilla an Instagram message at @BrillaSamay with your birth information as seen below.

1.Birth Chart Information

*Full Birthday

*Exact Time of Birth (verified through birth certificate)

*Place of Birth

2.If you have a Question or want to go general 

3. TikTok screen name

NO Predictions, Third Party or Soul Mate/Twin Flame Confirmation questions!

All Sales are FINAL! 

Must be on livestream to receive reading

Purchase confirms you agree to participate in a public livestream


Q: What if i don't have my partners time of birth for the relationship reading?

A: You don't need it! All I need is their full birthday

 Q: I don't have Instagram how can I send you my birth information?

A: You can send it through TIK TOK messages or to my email 

Q: What if I miss my turn on the livestream?

A: If the livestream is still running, I will add you to the end of the list. If the livestream ended; readings are forfeited.


"Truly life-changing and eye-opening! I am always left speechless at end of every reading. I've had 3 readings (so far!) by Brilla and every time I learn something new. I found that these readings not only helped me understand myself and direction in life. These readings also allowed me to help meet my loved ones where they're at and provided reassurance in my relationships. I can't express how grateful I am to have Brilla shed some insight on my life and my relationships. I cannot find enough words. I am so grateful." -Autumn

"Everything Brilla said was very spot on and true!! She described me and my partner to a T! i felt as if she had a sneak peek of what’s going on in my relationship through lenses. I took all of the advice into consideration and never been so speechless! can’t wait for another session soon, thank you so much for your time on the live you are truly amazing"  💞😊 - Valerie E

"I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️ I got a chart reading from you and you explained that I needed to work with Saturn! I was explaining to you that I needed a loan and that I had bad spending habits!!!  You explained that Saturn wanted to heal my relationship with money!!  I took your advice ! I journaled out my plan, I stopped taking Ubers and started riding the bus, I also even wrote to him!! I started seeing an increase in my life financially, and endless opportunities!! I applied for that loan and got it !!! You were absolutely right! Now I’m working with Saturn to help me move forward to buy a house next year! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ " - Kyrei