Tik Tok LIVE Reading

Tik Tok LIVE Reading

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Have your karmic structure through the lens of astrology read on my LIVE!


you will be invited on to have a conversation on your birth chart, i will observe key notes for karmic balance in this life time. If the live lands on a day of a special transit i wiil interpret karmic notes for the new and full moon cycles.


Readings are 5 mins 


1 (424) 270-5711

After purchase text the information below to this number 1 (424 270-5711

1.Birth Chart Information

*Full Birthday

*Exact Time of Birth (verified through birth certificate)

*Place of Birth

Name and TIk Tok Handle

If your tik tok account is under 1k, this is the same phone number you would use to call in, when its your turn 1 (424) 270-5711