Tumbled Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz is the crystal to use for amplifying your alchemic intentions!

This is your go to gem for magnification and expansive purposes.

Clear Quarts is naturally designed to hold your intentions while enthroning you with love and light.

This soul stone is an energetic portal that can become what you need it to be. It can bring forth the properties of any other stone, intention, ceremony or sacred memory. These are natures USB's. Powerful in every way. As a universal portal this stone is a transportation vehicle to the stars and various other dimensions. Go deeper into your timelines by meditation with this stone over your third eye, transcend intentions to delve deep into worlds you desire, then let the alchemic manifestation unfold. These tumbled clear quartz are also magnificent to create grid circles and candle sealing as attraction points for energy.

Use Divinely This Offering is for one tumbled clear quartz.