Metaphysical Coach Bundle - Discounted Rate

Metaphysical Coach Bundle - Discounted Rate

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This is my Full Restoration: Energetic Healing Package done once a month! 

In this bundle we will work together one on one in coaching sessions designed to bring totally alignment into your life path. 

Breaking patterns is hard work, I know cause I've done it. Having support in your life path is invaluable. In this package your success is my success and I will provide all the tools I know to help you in your journey. 

This monthly bundle includes two sessions a month

One tarot session focused on your energetic alignment; where is your vortex pulling energy from?

One Astrology consultations focused on the moon cycles and eclipses, the key times of the year to make valid productive changes in your life. 

You will also have 24/7 access to my private phone number to ask questions as they come at any time, because spirit does not clock out.

I know the value in having a support system. I am here to remind you of the light you carry and the promises you made for this life time. These sessions are filled with comfort and ease of your journey as well as needed accountability. 

This bundle allows you to saves you $100 dollars form the stand alone package. 

If you are ready to transform your life, this is for you.